Term Without Termination: Afo-afo Aba?

By: Anieok Essah – 08020945205
The longest ruling leader of Nigeria, if my calculation is not
faulted, is Baba Olusegun Obansanjo, the great Otta farmer. He ruled
as a Military Head of States and Civilian President. He ran for and
almost won a third term bid to lead the Country when concerned
Nigerians asked him “Na only you dey (Afo-afo aba)?
In Nigeria, the most populous Country in Africa with richest
economy, show me a leader who doesn’t want to rule till Kingdom
come? Atiku Abubakar wants it. Tunde Bakare claims he is called again
(maybe through a cell phone or text message) by God to be on the
presidential saddle. A great man of God-o! To me Bakare wants to tell
the world that God is also a Nigerian politician who speaks from both
sides of the mouth. Is God a man that He should lie? How could God
call Bakare last time to become president but disappointed him?! If
Bakare contests this time around and fails again, what will he tell us of
God, the Primordial Power with every universal power under His
control? God, the owner of all the worlds, the author and /nisher of
everything! Bakare reminds me of our own Prophet Ituen who is no
more making headline news with his prophecies. How I wish people
who claim they hear from God, and some politicians, be taught that
physical optics are not the instruments to perceive God. God is Spirit,
an “unusual” Spirit. He ba2es grammar and syntax. No creature
should toy with the Creator.
Why are people so power-drunk? I wish they be reminded of Idi
Amin Dada, Muarmar Ghadda/, Samuel Doe, Haile Sallaissi (the
Rastafarians’Lord), Alexander who added “great” to his name, and
innumerable others. I wish they be reminded too of how these mighty
men fell and their weapons of war perished!”
In Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, we had Akpabio, “the great
teacher who taught Udom Emmanuel” to follow his footsteps. If the
enigma (Akpabio) had his way, he would have ruled as long as he
chose without teaching or preparing the way for any son of Adam to
take over from him. The guy sure loves power, and his is still ruling
Akwa Ibom in disguise or by default. Like Babangida, the evil genius
and artful dodger, Akpabio only wisely “stepped aside”. He is now in
Parliament, and he wants some more political appointments. He is so
over-ambitious that he may want to rule not only Nigeria but the world.
Now his politically “un-educated” son, who never learnt lessons from
  • the wrong steps his father took, has graduated with “crooked honors”
    and indeed, like father like son, wants to go for a second term.
    After that, what will stop him from going for a third term, fourth, /fth
    and so on – terms without end. Oh! Man’s insatiable appetite for
    everything! Almost every politician wants to rule till death does him
    Sel/shness and greed make Nigerians want to gain the whole
    world but lose not their souls. To Yours Anie/okly, “too much of
    everything is a disease”. Even eternal blessing, leisure or
    perfectionism, to me, is boredom. “Variety” it is said, “is the spice of
    life”. Yes, life is dynamic. Even mountains and kings don’t remain in
    status quo till eternity. I like Change, positive change, and I want it to
    involve everybody. My brother, late Maxwell Udoh, sang “Dakka nno
    nda” while I ask “Afo ikpong aba?”.
    So, power is enjoyable? Of course, with all the luxury or enslaving
    vanities, why shouldn’t power be enjoyable? Free food, free drinks, free
    money (some awoof, some stolen), free medical bills abroad, free >eet
    or convoy-driven vehicles, free NEPA and water bills, free women (if
    you’re a hot-blooded man), array of security aids – SAs, PAs, PAs–to-PAs
    etc. The children to these leaders of a2uence and opulence, despite
    how uncultured and dense (Dundee United) they are, go to world-class
    academic institutions. Like Princes and Princesses, they can’t take their
    bath or brush their teeth by themselves. Sluggards, Good-for-nothings
    or no-goods. Mme-ofon-ke-udia. They feel larger than life. This odd
    I understand that that Catholic Father in Enugu, Mbaka, who once
    advised Buhari, is advising him again; this time not to go for a second
    term which, adding his days as Military Leader of this Country, would
    amount to three terms. Not because Mbaka, like Bakare, “hears from
    God”, I’m supporting the church man by advising Buhari not to try a
    third term. Obansanjo, a Master, couldn’t win third term, I wonder who
    else will. Quite apart from that, trying it the third time would akin to
    daring God, His Son and His Spirit (the Trinity in perfect unity, Abasi
    I am one of those who like describing President Buhari as God-
    sent. I know risks are worth taken but I advise him not to take the risk
    of re-contesting. Every Local, State and National helmsman should sign
    out now that his ovation is loudest, instead of attempting to run and be
    disgraced. Let them rather add their wealth of experiences cum pieces
    of advice to a new set of leaders. Buhari, mbok, mmaha mmong-
    afere mmi adoro aran. I know that politicians never ran out of


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