By Rt. Hon. Edet George

‘‘A good heart is better than all the heads in the world” – Edward Bulwer Lytton.

Let me start by saying that “Leaders are responsible not for running public opinion polls but for the consequences of their actions”. –  Henry Kinssinger,

May I follow you on these write up line by line. Your first paragraph, line ‘B’ ‘‘Leadership determines the direction of the society…’’ yes that’s true.

The leadership of Mark Esset in the past 4 years in Nsit Atai has led over 60% of the youth in the Local Government Area into a dirty Cult group called the ‘Maff’ (Italian Maffia). He is also known to have lured some other youths into another notorious cult group called ‘BB’ (Believe and Belong). Leadership directs the society?

Mr. Aniekan Sunday, I think I should be in the position to educate you about Mark Esset. Apart from the fact that I am sharing the same Political Ward with Mark, he is my in-law. Mark is a wolf! That you don’t know. Read Acts of Apostle13:6-10, you will discover that there was a man of God, a Prophet, named Bar- Jesus, turning people away from their faith. Mark is not what you portray!

Actually, your paragraph 3 is right, Mark Esset was not chosen by the masses, which is against the ethics of politics.

He is a product of a strange individual all the way from Essien Udim. Knowing full well his attitude and the circumstances of his political origin, no masses of Nsit  Atai would have accepted Mr. Mark Esset and he is aware of that.

When you mentioned “salvage”, “bondage”, “parody”, sir let me enlighten you that in the history of Nsit Atai politics, Mark’s era is (now was) the most ridiculous. This is the administration that has stolen over One Hundred and Ten Million Naira without commissioning even a toilet to its credit. This is one administration that hurts more than ever. This is the administration that initiates youths into Cult groups more than ever, and you are talking about “salvage”… what or who did Mark salvage?

In your paragraph 6 you talked about “voice in the 6th Assembly”. Let me inform you that Mark has no voice, but he is saucy which he is not willing to change. Mark is not “youngest” as erroneously described him. May be you are being deceived by his smallish size, he is an Adult.

Sir, may I advise you not to write about or portray somebody because you are paid to do so. Hon. Mark Esset is possessed by evil, not “Holy Spirit” as you blasphemously claimed.

When the evil spirit was upon Saul, did he not try to kill even the one that helped him? Mark, because of his unpopularity tried to kill everybody in Nsit Atai to make sure he is in the State Assembly. In my village, which Mark and I share the same boundary, he and his hoodlums on one of election days, moved to Ndisiak and destroyed over 7 Hiace buses that were detailed to convey Agents of other political Party to the collation centre. The same group of cultists entered Ikot Ekong Unit at Ward One and shot sporadically, carting away all election materials. At Ward Six and indeed the entire Nsit Atai, same were the cases. Even at Ikot Ekpot which is unit no5 ward 9, the Police Officer who is currently being detained at Zone Six, Calabar, shot and destroyed the roofs of the Primary School thereat, that school is there as evidence. That is “King” Mark Esset you are portraying a Good leader.

The changer we are talking about is entirely the opposite of Mark Esset because the opposite of good is bad. The “peaceful transition” is the opposite of it. The Vice Chairman is, (now was) merely a spare tyre. He was only trying to be loyal so that ‘Emperor’ Mark could support his ambition of becoming the next Chairman of Nsit Atai, come 2016.

Well, as fondly called by my very good friend Barr. Uduak Johnson, the PDP Chapter officer, ‘Remarkable Mark’, yes he is remarkable for initiating youth into cult organizations; he is remarkable for not commissioning one project in Nsit Atai; he is remarkable for using Nsit Atai funds to pay loyalty to Essien Udim evil  father.

My dear, Barr. Mark is a remarkable mark of violence. He is a Monster, who will soon pay for it.

Let me end by saying that Hon. Mark Esset has no “integrity” but is an Evil genius. Ecc10:6 reads, “woe to thee, o land where thy leader is a child”.


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