QIC/UEC: These Nomenclatures Need Neutrality




By: Aniefiok Essah – 08020945205



Time is of essence or major value. Providentially, we can get more money but we cannot get more time, as time and tide wait for no man. The year 2017 A.D ended last night, yesterday ended last night too. Oh! How time flies! My people, my people! Welcome to the year of the Lord 2018 – a New Year, a new month, a new week, and a new day! My fellow human being, have a very good day today and everyday.


It’s my belief that you took stock of the past year and had turned over a new leaf. In your reflections and projections, supposing you are asked what your New Year resolution(s) is/are, what would be your answer(s)?

How I wish wishes were horses and I were Governor Udom Emmanuel, a Deacon of Qua Iboe Church (United Evangelical Church?). If I were holding such position as the governor, even though I am a Deacon not the General Overseer of the Samuel Bill’s Church, before the one-church-turned-two breaks into more segments and before I quit government, my priority would be to reconcile the body of Christ. If by such exalted and respected office Governor God-With-Us cannot call the warring factions of QIC and UEC to order, I wonder who will, when and how. Whether the governor is a member of QIC or UEC, he should drop politics out of this and do but the needful and right. If by his extending an Olive branch to the separated churches, the leaders see no reason to re-unite but to still split, I advise the governor to tell them to drop their two designations (whether they are popular, prominent, eminent, prestigious or not) and come up with a consensus name for the church. Yes, collapse, offset or counterbalance the QIC/UEC and opt for a fresh name via lottery. What’s in a name, after all? I know personally that names, epithets or nomenclatures have connotations, significances or angles of view but, for the sake of unity, peace and one-love, let QIC and UEC use a generally or commonly-accepted name. There’s no trick or wisdom in phoney or pseudo Christians hiding to do evil in the name of church.

A child told me of how he went to No 2 Abak road to attend a brigade meeting, then the instructor said “Anybody from United Evangelical Church should go out” but none of them went out. He also made mention of partiality in Bible Quiz competitions at Aka road branch of the church. What a shame! Where’s the brotherhood or oneness in Christendom?

In that particular No 2 Abak road church, I wrote something in the funeral program of my late step-brother that offended the chairman. I don’t know if I am not entitled to my opinions or views anywhere. The chairman told me that I was painting their church black by writing what I wrote, that if he had seen the program earlier he wouldn’t have allowed the biography of my deceased brother to be read. He told me to come and apologize to the church in order to save their names from disrepute. Unfortunately, this is one unprejudiced and unrepentant writer who cannot stop telling the world if his Pastor or “Father” has “craw-craw in the nyash”. In that church, as I realize, they do not throw the book at erring members. There, they don’t blame or unveil evil-doers, talk less of allowing any Channel to give prophesies or revelations. The unique Christians there want every evil to be swept under the carpet or skeletons locked in their cupboards. I wonder if anything under the all-seeing sun is hidden to our enyin-enyin-oyoho-idem-Abasi. I wish our self-acclaimed workers in the vineyard of God came to the realization that there’s more to life than self-deceit and all the enslaving vanities of this world.

Please, dear Governor, with even-handedness, intervene into the matter. Because you are a deacon there, I am already childishly excited to become a member of your church, if the matter is amicably resolved.

As a very good practical Christian, although not yet a born-again, I must confess that I hated you, my governor, for fooling my people (Itam Clan/Itu LGA) with the promise of an Automobile Plant Factory. I leave other unfulfilled promises of yours to the court of public opinion. But if you will end this church crisis because of your name – “God – with – us” – I have resolved to forgive you and love you, God Himself will. I move, sir, the motion that an unbiased resolution of the QIC/UEC imbroglio be your unfeigned New Year resolution … and “the ayes have it”.

May the Most Gracious, in His Almightiness, help Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and humanity. Happy New Year, everyone.


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