By Fabian Asuquo

Governor Udom’s claim of resuscitating the Peacock Paints Limited, Ikot Ekan in Etinan Local Government Area, has been described as the most embarrassing and childish lie ever told by a serving Governor. This assertion was handed down by an indigene of the industry’s host community.

Our correspondent who visited the moribund paints-making industry to ascertain the level of progress made reported that apart from some exterior paintings, no substantial renovation has been made to facilitate the revamping of the company.

An indigene of the host community who incidentally also doubles as a staff of the company told THE PROFILE NEWSPAPER that the Akwa Ibom State government would have allowed the company to be as it was rather than coming to raise their hopes falsely.

“Nothing is happening here. They (government) only came here to raise our hopes. It is unfortunate that government should be playing politics with a critical sector like the industrial sector.

You cannot claim to have revamped a producing company when nothing is done in the main production department. So the entire thing is an indication of a false hope. The worst part of it is that applicants have been coming here in search of employment only to discover that what the government claims to have done is merely a political propaganda,” our respondent, who did not want his name on print had said.

Meanwhile major shareholders of the company have faulted Udom Emmanuel administration’s claim of successfully revamping the Peacock Paints Limited, describing the claim as a joke.


Some shareholders who spoke with our reporter on condition of anonymity maintained that any attempt to revive the company without carrying them along was an exercise in futility.

“The young man (Governor Udom) is just making me laugh because it is not something to get annoyed.

It is so disappointing to note that such a man who prides himself as a Banker does not know that there is what is called company laws, of which the ownership of a company lies within the shareholders.

But as I speak with you, the Akwa Ibom State government has not deemed it necessary to consult properly all the shareholders of the company with a view to knowing the immediate and remote causes of the company’s present state of affairs.

We are not against the resuscitation of any industry in the state including the Peacock Paints Limited. I can say unequivocally that nothing has been done on Peacock Paints Limited, Ikot Ekan because if anything is to be done, we the shareholders would be contacted and carried along.

So it’s just a child’s play”, one of the major shareholders of the company (name withheld) had told our reporter in a telephone chat.

It would be recalled that Governor Udom Emmanuel had, during an event marking his hundred days in office boasted that he had revamped the ailing Peacock Paints Limited located at Ikot Ekan in Etinan Local Government Area. Weeks after the pronouncement, the company is yet to employ any new staff neither has production commenced in the factory as claimed by the Governor.

This, an analyst said, is a vindication of those who did not support Udom’s governorship ambition on the grounds that “… he (Udom) is just like his godfather, Ex-governor Akpabio. When he (Akpabio) was seeking a rerun in 2011, he told the people of the state that he would build thirty-one industries in the state; one for each local government area. Four years after, none has been built even when so much money had been earmarked for it and no one cares to ask question. So, Udom can never be anything better”.









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