…berate Enobong Uwah, Elder Imoh Okon

By Nduke Udobong

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is set to conduct its primaries on Monday, September 18, to elect candidates for the forthcoming local government election in Akwa Ibom state, delegates from Uyo local government area have vowed to reject any move by any cult group to impose candidates on them.

Speaking to The Profile Newspaper, the Uyo delegates said they were grateful to His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for standing his grounds that the people of Uyo should be allowed to nominate whoever they wanted for the chairmanship position. They also thanked him for playing down on “cult politics”, saying the governor’s stance was the only way out for the victory of the PDP in the area.

Some of them, while speaking to our correspondent immediately after their meeting in Ewet Housing Estate on condition of anonymity on Saturday, said, irrespective of any intimidation, threats or financial inducement, they would vote on Monday, September 18, based on their consciences.

The politicians who were responding to questions on alleged involvement of some of the delegates in oath taking and cultism said they had come of age and that never again shall they allow a few cabal in the name of cult membership decide the fate of people of Uyo.

“I wouldn’t say the allegation (cultism and oath taking) is totally false. But the good thing is that we know ourselves and we know who the cultists are. But from what we have decided here at the meeting, we shall not succumb to any blackmail, intimidation, threats nor financial inducement. Granted; money may be allowed in politics but we will never allow that to determine who we vote for on Monday. We want a neutral man who does not have any stain of cult membership. And of course, it may even interest you to note that even some of the so called cultists do not like themselves. So this time around they have also seen the disadvantages and are also in support of a neutral person”, one of the delegates, a woman, had confided.

Another delegate said: “The Uyo Senatorial District Chairman, Elder Imoh Okon has not resigned his position yet, he wants to contest for chairmanship. The Governor was even shocked to hear during the stakeholders meeting recently that he wanted to resign. That position was for four years and it was for him to use and set up structure to galvanize support for the governor in 2019”, he hinted, adding that “he is being misled by Enobong Uwah so that he (Uwah) will continue to have a grip of political relevance at the detriment of Uyo people”.

He continued: “How can Enobong Uwah from Offot try to go to Ikono to impose a candidate on the people and thereafter, expect all of us in Uyo to support. That cannot be possible. Except they want opposition party to win in Uyo. Let me even say here that they want cultists to take over the affairs of Uyo people. We have evidence and they cannot deny it.”

He alleged: “…Enobong Uwah who is of the Vickings had a pact with the House Member representing Uyo, Hon Monday Eyo, a KK member, to go to Ikono clan and bring a surrogate candidate as Chairman so that they can take over the party structure in Uyo to work for his (Monday Eyo) second term in 2019. And, because of this election, Elder Imoh Okon was initiated into Vickings last year. We have the evidence. Let them come and deny it. So, Enobong Uwah wants him (Imo Okon) as Uyo Chairman so that he can control him. Their plot is for KK member to take charge of House of Assembly, while a Vickings takes charge of Uyo Council. It won’t work. So all we want is for the party to allow everyone to go the field and do the open secret system to avoid intimidation and then people would vote their minds. Let the people of Uyo decide their fate”.

Meanwhile a delegate from Offot, who did not also wish to be named, praised the member representing Uyo Federal Constituency, Hon Mike Enyong aka, Baba Ntan, for being neutral. He said: “The man gave them free hands to choose their party excos. And now, he has remained neutral, saying that everybody must go to the field so that at the end of the day, whoever emerges shall be the decision of everybody. So we stand by that”.


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