The leadership of Oron Development Union Worldwide has replied one Reporter with the Pioneer Newspaper who recently covered the Union’s (Lagos Branch) function, only to allegedly put up a lopsided story in order to excite the Akwa Ibom State government and earn him freebie.

In a report entitled, “Oron Union Worldwide warns Selfish Politicians”, published on page 9 of the Pioneer Newspaper dated, Monday, November 9, 2015, the known reporter allegedly fabricated an uncommon imaginary story to mislead the reading public that Oron Union was in support of the few months interregnum of governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State.

Speaking with this reporter, the President General of Oron Union, Chief Asukwo Inuikim Obon noted that the said Pioneer Correspondent was very careful to misquote him and negate the very meaning he intended. He stated that the reporter completely misinterpreted him just to deliberately misguide the public and portray the Oron people as renegades who could not solidly remain in their position.

Chief Inuikim maintained that it was rather unfortunate that even those who called themselves professionals could abandon the very ethical principle of factual and objective reports only to opt for outright deceit which in their speculations was capable of yielding them peanuts.

“This story is a total negation to what we said that day. That reporter should stay away from the affairs of Oron people or we will sue him. If he is looking for attention, he should go and work with the governor directly, because Udom Emmanuel will not pay him for this lies. Of course, Udom cannot celebrate after reading this story because he knows the Oron people are not ready to shift their ground as far as that election is concerned”, chief Inuikim said.

The Oron Union President General cautioned the reporter to desist from such blackmail as the Union shall be on her tows to react to any further attempt of senseless and baseless cock-and-bull story, in a way and manner that will sustain and retain the true image of the Oron people.

The story as published in the Pioneer Newspaper reads thus in parts.

“The president general of Oron Union Worldwide has cautioned those he described as desperate politicians who are bent on governing Akwa Ibom by all means with their selfish intention and satanic agenda to stop playing politics with the future of the state and its people.

“Chief Asukwo Inuikim gave the warning while fielding questions from newsmen during the 15th anniversary celebration of Obio Mkparawa Oro club and inauguration of Ajegunle branch of the association held at Oluwashina Suites, Itire, Surulere, Lagos recently.

“He said he was so bitter about the way and manner those who were supposed to join hands in building and encouraging the young ones in moving the state forward, grouped themselves to fight against the way forward and progress of the state.

“Inuikim declared that Oron people in general would continue to support and stand by the ongoing administration in the state for peace and progress….”

The scornful and self crafted bias story continues in parts.

“Oron people in general are not happy with this development and that is why I have to speak out today that the so-called desperate politicians should stop playing politics with the future of our state and people, they should allow the ongoing administration to concentrate on its good plans and vision for the state and people.

“He urged Gov Udom Emmanuel-led administration in the state not to be discouraged and distracted in the development, rather, remain focused and continue to do what is right for the people of the state who voted for him.

“The Oron PG as he is fondly called by his people and Obon Okete-Okete Oro assured the governor of Oron people’s support at any given time, even if election is rerun for 10 times, of victory….”

The Pioneer story also distorted the truth in the speeches of the Lagos Branch President of the Union, Mrs. Felicia Oludare and that of the National President of Obio Mkparawa Oro, Mr. Brown Edet so as to achieve its cheap goal of blackmailing the Oron people and perhaps making a fortune out of it.

Consequent upon the misguiding and libelous publication, the Oron Union has warned the Akwa Ibom State government “Press Boy” to stop meddling into the affairs of the Oron people whose philosophy of Afang ki (one direction) cannot be moved by cheap blackmail.

Inuikim however called on the Oron people and the entire Nigerian public to rase such unfounded mendacity and forge ahead with the hope that Oron shall be liberated from the shackles of political slavery which they were subjected to.


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