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At what point does a man come to the conclusion that forcefully making out with a girl is the way out of his salacious appetite?


Is it occasioned by economic woes? Frustration arising from failure to legally win the heart of a female folk? Could it be as a result of a previous heartbreak? Do some men have special libidos that make them lose it all when hungry down there?  What exactly could make a man decide to rape a female youngster?


These are posers that confront us today as we grapple with an issue that has remained with us for years on end with no end in sight, or so it seems.


This matter has become a vexed one. Rape cases are rampant. In the villages, we hear of boys ambush innocent girls on their way back from fetching either water from the stream or firewood and forcing themselves on them.


In the course of this devilish acts, these girls scream. Tears drip down their cheeks, yet the beastly fellow bangs on with the speed and rage of a hungry lion.


I’ve always made to evade issues on rape. This is because I find the act not only dirty but patently nauseating, if not satanic. Each time I hear of it, some fathers on daughters, adults on teens, I can’t but wonder how someone will forcefully grab an unwilling girl, pull her panties and mercilessly plug his nozzle, firing on with no care in the world while the one being forced into the act screams in pain.


This piece is inspired by a recent item I stumbled upon on social media about a school where rape cases are said to have become a daily occurrence with female students falling victims to demented minds every other day.


This is the story:

“My younger sister is just in level 100 at Akwa Ibom State University, and every time we speak, she talks about different rape cases in her school.
She doesn’t go for night classes to read, because she is afraid she might be raped too.
I am afraid, not just for my sister, but for thousands of girls who go to this same university.


Last week, my pastor friend told me of a girl in his church who got raped alongside with other girls, he needed my help. I was so heartbroken I didn’t know what to do, I had to refer him to my doctor who is a founder of a rape victim’s safety home in Akwa Ibom State.


A rape case in 2019 in a university?

Please, the administrators of Akwa Ibom State University should help us! The rape case is too much!


Please help me share this. Let’s protest against rape in my sister’s school. People’s sisters and even daughters have been raped in this school.


My email is filled with over twenty rape cases from same institution.

These girls need life! Help them by reposting this.”


First, a clarification: that a particular school or state is mentioned does not imply that the act happens there alone. It’s everywhere. Some don’t get publicised. We hear only of few. So, this alarm is a wake up call to the grim reality that rape is still a monster that must be tackled aggressively.


Pray, what joy is derived from having sexual intercourse with an unwilling fellow?  What fun is there? Is it a show of male bravado? A means of retaliation? At any rate, sex is a consensual act for which both parties must agree to. When not consensually done, it is an unpardonable crime against another, a felonious act that is not only cowardly but inhuman, wicked.


How does it tickle one’s fancy seeing, sometimes teenagers cry and virtually kneel and beg not to be abused by an adult who thinks raping is the way out of the pressure his nozzle has been gripped with?


To worsen it, some victims, hitherto virgins, lose it in the most devastating of ways to the stray phallus of a man whose level of concupiscence puzzles even the devil.

Rapers, no matter the theory they may want to push out, should know that having carnal knowledge of another forcefully is indecorous, wrong and unjustifiable.


In the beatitudes, we are told that blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy, but rapers pay no heed to this scriptural passage because they are not merciful to their victims. By this, they treat with disdain the mercy Jesus promised and rather choose to be merciless in lieu of mercy.


While one condemns in totality the act of rape, gilrs should also be mindful of how they appear. There’s no point dressing to “kill” yet get “killed”. Men are moved by sight, what they see. Some see and pass, others see and covet. And so having seen, they try to devour.  When they can’t get it legally, they toe the illegal path of infamy and take it by force. In this, they seek satisfaction to feed their penial frustration in aberration.


Women are weak of bone by nature. They almost always fall to rapers having dressed to make them fall. They are often overpowered by these ones who charge at them with all the energy and muscularity in them as they make to “collect it by force”. Dress sense matters. Women are wired to attract. Some are overly curvy, voluptuous. And so when the bosom hangs loosely, the thighs bare, the bum busy and half covered, men with little control of their turgid poles go gaga. So, girls should watch it and tread more with caution for the times bear ill omen.


But men who rape have low self esteem. Inferiority complex is part of it. Then they lack no shame. It takes no varsity Degree to woo a woman. First, confidence. Next, be bold and couragrous enough to stand  rejection. Then try again, if you still meet stiff resistance, try elsewhere. “Iyanga” is part of womanhood. Eventually, it may work. If you’ve tried those above your level and failed, go for those within your reach and capability. There’s a class of woman for all. But some prefer those with gargantuan appetite —- those who want pizza for breakfast,  hamburger for lunch, a first rate wine to wash down, then isi ewu and nkwobi for dinner. With no good pocket for such babes, men with raping instincts go animalistic.


This matter shouldn’t be treated with levity. It’s a serious issue that women and rights activists, even government, should take up and see to it that greater awareness is not only created on rape, its ills and all, but perpetrators of the heinous act should be made to face dire consequences for their irresponsibility.


Rape wrecks the lives of victims. It often leaves a permanent scar on them. They become emotionally traumatised. Sometimes, mentally unstable. Whenever the recall the ugly incident, they slip into depression. And for fear of stigma  from society, they keep mute and suffer in silence. Most grow to hate men. The sight of men irritates them. Their opinion of men becomes that of negativity. Men, to them, turn plagues that must be avoided. They live in fear of men. When peer pressure steps in, they turn lesbians. Rescue becomes uphill. The future turns bleak.


Moving forward, stringent  measures should be put in place to punish those found culpable so that it’ll serve as a deterrent to planners of the beastly act.


In all, rape, sexual molestations of youngsters stand condemned. And the clarion call is that those involved should retrace their steps pronto.

Will they read this and abide?

Kenneth Jude is a public Affairs Analyst and writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.