In view of speculations about the recent arrest of the Caretaker Transition Chairman of Ukanafun Local Government Council Bar. Abasiono Jackson Udomfu the Akwa Ibom Police Command has deemed it imperative to set the records straight.


  1. Sequel to the assassination of Obong Ime Willie Atakpa, secretary of Ukanafun L.G.A, the Commissioner of Police Akwa Ibom State CP Don. N. Awunah fsi, Amnipr determined and committed at ensuring that all forms of crime and fear of crime particularly violent crimes are brought to the lowest ebb and that all those who engage in such crimes should have their day with the law, ordered the detective arm and other tactical teams of the Command to swing into action and bring to book the perpetrators of this dastardly act.


  1. Consequently, the following facts were unearthed;

The secretary and his political associate one Akaninyene Udo Aka ‘m’ were shot dead by hired assassins on 16th April, Easter Sunday, at about 0930hrs at his poultry farm in his village, Ikot Udo-Obobo Ukanafun LGA.


  1. The secretary was said to have frustrated the intention of the Governor of the state to grant amnesty to ice-Land secret cult members in Ukanafun area, which did not go down well with the Transition Chairman and the leadership of ice-Land cult. Consequently, the chairman allegedly ordered his personal assistant, PA, to organize members of the ice-Land cult to eliminate the secretary, to pave way for the amnesty programme, promising a huge sum of money if the job was successfully executed.


  1. Preparatory to the assassination, The Chairman’s PA held a meeting with the former youth leader of Ikot –Akpan Nkuk village in Ukanafun LGA, one Sunday Inanki ‘m’ at large and the current youth chairman of the village, one Akaninyene Sunday Iwok to draw out the plan. The current youth leader brought in two others namely Godwin Daniel Ikpe ‘m’ alias One-Man-Chop and Akaninyene Jumbo Uko alias Iso Akpafi ‘m’, a notorious killer also at large. After a discussion at Ikpe Annang village in Etim Ekpo LGA of the state sometime in April, 2007 (sic) Udoudo ‘’ alias Archor Head/Executioner who resides in Port was also contacted for the assignment.


  1. On the 15th April, Akaninyene Jumbo Uko alias Iso Akpafi ‘m’, Godwin Daniel Ikpe ‘m’ alias One-Man-Chop and one Aniefiok Eseme Etukudo alias Barbeach Archo Head met in Ikpe Annang Village in Etim Ekpo LGA of the state, where they reviewed the plan and approved it for execution.


  1. On 16th April, 2017 at about 0700hrs, the group led by Akaninyene Jumbo Uko ‘alias Iso Akpafi ‘m’ assembled at a hideout in Ikot Udo-Obobo. Two of the members, Englishman presently at large and Saturday Etim Isong ‘m’ alias Saty who had earlier used motorcycles to spy on the secretary, were again sent to confirm his presence at his poultry farm. This they did and immediately returned to kill secretary.


  1. The two guns used in the operation were supplied by Akaninyene Jumbo Uko a.k.a Iso-Akpafi, a notorious killer on the wanted list of the Police. Back in the farm at about 0930hrs, Aniefiok Eseme Etukudo a.k.a Barbeach-Archor Head fired the secretary point-blank while Englishman fired into the air to scare away the secretary’s guests with whom he was celebrating the Easter. The secretary died on the spot while one of his guests, Akaninyene Udo Aka ‘m’ who was hit by a bullet, later died in the hospital.  The assassins left with the deceased’s two handsets they took from his pockets and a motorcycle.


  1. Six of the principal suspects Godknows Sampson Udoudo alias Archor Head/Executioner ‘m’, Godwin Daniel Ikpe a.k.a One-Man-Chop ‘m’, Aniefiok Eseme Etukudo ‘m’ alias Barbeach –Archor Head, Saturday Etim Isong a.k.a saty ‘m’, Akaninyene Sunday Iwok ‘m’ and Ekere Friday Joseph ‘m’ were picked up by detectives from their various hideouts mainly in Port Harcourt. They have all been arraigned at the Chief Magistrate Court Ukanafun for conspiracy and the murder of the secretary and his political associate.  Post-mortem examination reports confirmed that the duo died of gunshot wounds.


  1. Meanwhile, the Akwa Ibom State Police Command has intensified efforts to track down the fleeing principal members of the group namely Akaninyene Jumbo Uko alias Iso-Akpafi the owner and custodian of the group’s firearms, Sunny Inanki ‘m’ and Englishman, all of who participated actively in the planning, monitoring and eventual killing of the secretary and his political associate.


  1. The Caretaker Transition Chairman of Ukanafun Local Government Council, Akwa Ibom State, Barrister Abasiono Jackson Udomfu and six other principal accomplices have been arraigned at the Chief Magistrate Court Ukanafun for the murder of the secretary of Ukanafun Local Government Council, Obong Ime Willie Atakpa ‘m’ alias strong.


  1. The Commissioner of Police Akwa Ibom State wishes to restate the unwavering commitment of the Police Command to rid the state of all forms of crime and criminality. He further calls on law abiding and public spirited individuals to always avail the Police with information that will be useful in carrying out its statutory duties in order to achieve the primary objective of making the state safe for her citizenry and visitors alike.






Note: This is for the information of the general public