Garri is a very common food eaten in most parts of African countries. It is also one of the major foods in Nigeria. It contains very large amount of starch. It is processed from raw cassava and eaten with soup, or any other liquid food.



  1. Peel off the skin of the cassava tubers lightly.
  2. Wash the already peeled tubers with a lot of water once or twice, depending on how clean it appears after the first wash.
  3. If there are very big tubers, cut them into sizeable sizes to enhance speed when grating or grinding.
  4. Prepare your big grater, if you want to grate is manually, but if you want to use machine, take them to the machine for grinding.
  5. After grating or grinding, it will come in watery form, you can decide to add a little quantity of oil or leave in white. Pack the watery cassava flour into long bags with sizeable quantity to be drilled to complete dryness in a local way or a jack for 2-3 days.
  6. Use a sieve and sieve off the fine cassava flour into a big basin.
  7. With a wide and spacious frying pan, or pot, fry the flour in reasonable quantity until it becomes dry, hard and sharp.
  8. Spray the fried powder with small lumps in an open place before packing them into a big bag or bowel and store in a dry place.
  9. Wow! Your garri is ready to be eaten with soup, sipped or chewed.







Everyone wants to smell nice and feel special when in the midst of people. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and with all amount of importance, as such, many spend a lot of money on perfumes, just to smell nice and be outstanding. It makes you feel more special when you use a cosmetic or item produced by you; so I bring you steps on how to produce customized perfumes for yourself and friends, because it gives joy to wear a special fragrance different from what others wear.



  1. Get your ingredients ready (methanol, fragrance oils, infused oils, flavor extracts like vanilla extract distilled or spring water glycerin). Get your good and beautiful glass bottles for use after production.
  2. Pour a quantity of methanol ¼ cup into a jar.
  3. Add scents, that is, fragrance oil, a few drops. You can add more than fragrance oils.
  4. Shake it properly and keep it in a cool dark place for at least 48 hours. After it ages, you can add a few more drops of scent and age again to jerk it.
  5. Add water and glycerin, the water is to dilute the fragrance. The glycerin helps to preserve the fragrance.
  6. Using a small funnel, pour the perfume into your beautiful bottles wrapped with a well designed sticker papers.
  7. Wow! Your customized perfume is now ready for use. You now have less to spend on feeling special and looking good.








Bread, produced from flour is a very nice food, mostly used with tea as breakfast in nearly all parts of the world. Breads come in different shapes, depending on the baker’s choice. The Ingredients are: flour, salt, yeast, water, butter, milk and nutmeg, if need be. Below are simple steps on how to bake 25kg of flour to breads that have special taste:


  1. Turn the flour into a mixer
  2. Add 2 kg of salt
  3. Add 250g of yeast
  4. Add 10 litres of water
  5. Mix it thoroughly
  6. Add water again bit by bit.
  7. Add 2 kg of butter
  8. Add 2 tins of milk or more, sprinkle a little quantity of groundnut oil to make it smooth before bringing it out of the mixer.

When it is brought of the mixer, it is no longer flour but dough.

  1. Place the dough on an open table, take measurement and mould them into pans. The pans will determine the shape and size of the bread
  2. Keep the dough for 40 – 45 minutes to rise properly.
  3. Heat the oven up to 1600C, put the risen dough and allow it to be baked, bring them out from the oven and place them where there is AC or electric fan.
  4. Oh! Your delicious bread is ready to be served.



Theresa Asukwo