Dear Ini Ememobong, I want to sincerely apologize to you by playing with your little little premature testicles just yesterday and also giving you an upper cut with the bitter truth about Insulting Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio.

My Son Ini, when I became a comrade, you were still lost in the midst of different ways to follow, when I joined Politics, you locked yourself in a closet because you were told that Politics is a dirty game although Senator Akpabio exposed you to be known, when I was born, your beautiful mother had just conceived you.


What am I trying to say?
Respect your elders so you may live long to achieve your dreams because I’m not your mate physically, Spiritually and otherwise.


I took a course on you as an elderly person while you were busy Insulting Senator Akpabio just to gain more riches but little did you know that facts about you growing up can give you a sleepless night because that thing called conscience exist.


My father traveled overseas to study and came back and built our small tent that still exist as our family house till today, he purchased several cars for himself and did all this by himself without the help of anyone.


Church of Christ sent your father abroad to study and he returned with a festac bag but just to abandoned his family and married his second wife without a shelter and a motorcycle.


Senator Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) made it possible for your father to ever own a car by donating a 2002 Toyota Camry aka Big For Nothing for him and that he is still using till today while you’re everywhere Insulting and blackmailing the same Senator Bassey Albert.


Ini Ini, Ini, have you forgotten how Senator Bassey Albert and Senator Akpabio pumped in so much millions to make you a NANS President that you failed but became a Factional NANS President?


Today, you’ve tagged these men to be your worst enemies besides Onofiok Luke who took you on his knees to these men and I’m certain that you will soon go against Onofiok Luke.


My friend, stop throwing your little baby punch behind the keyboards by hiring your little dragons to Insult my with Psuedo accounts and Psuedo Pages because I will strip you naked with your auto biography.


Ini, Ini, Ini, Dante Ubong Ekanem, Anietie Inyang, Uko (your driver), John Atem, Jasper Mathew and a host of others contributed their efforts to build a house for your father on top of the money that Senator Akpabio gave you and these men are still alive to testify.


Ini, Ini, Ini, you and your father has never bought a car all history reveals that your father’s car was given to him by Senator OBA, all your cars were given to you by Senator Godswill Akpabio when he was the Governor and I mean the Brand New Toyota Bus, 2 Brand New Toyota Corolla, White Brand New Toyota Hilux and many more, Hon. Ekpo Ekpo also donated his Black Toyota Prado to you that was given to him by Senator Goodwill Akpabio when he was the Chairman of your LGA (Ibiono) and the rest of your cars were given to you by Governor Udom Emmanuel and the PDP of course.


The two used Nissan Sunny and an old Benz 190E that you donated to people were donated to you Ini Ememobong.


I challenge you to purchase a brand new car for yourself and for your supporters as they did to you before sending your media dogs to Insult me and by the way if I may ask, what is your Problem with Senator Bassey Albert?


Ini, Ini, Ini, I know too well that what you’re doing to Senator Godswill Akpabio today, soon or later you’ll do even more to Governor UDOM Emmanuel because you benefited more from Akpabio than Udom.


Dear Ini Ememobong, please put chains on your Media dogs else I’ll strip you naked on this platform with the bitter truth with facts.


“Ingratitude is a sin that will never be forgiven”.
~ Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio.


My name is Da Zion Umoh